Winter Adventures with Villervalla and Tips for Enjoying Cold Weather Play

Winter Adventures with Villervalla and Tips for Enjoying Cold Weather Play

Winter Adventures with Villervalla and Tips for Enjoying Cold Weather Play

girl on a sled on a snowy hill in villervalla snow gear

When you picture winter play, do you picture a kid with 10 layers whose arms stick straight out and who has to pee as soon as that last layer is in place? Fast forward - we're good now. Not only can your kid dress themselves in our fantastic outerwear, but they can move about like kids are meant to move! So much better!

snow hill with child walking sled

Designed in Sweden and tested in Scandinavian winters, our gear is designed for active kids. Waterproof, breathable, with reinforced seams and reflective patches for safety. When kids feel free to move, they're happier in their clothes. When they can stay dry and warm, they stay out longer.

child in villervalla snow gear in front of a maple sugar house

Ready to go? Get outside fast with gear that's easy to wear. Velcro adjust cuffs and sturdy zippers help kids gear up easily. Boot straps and snow stop sleeve cuffs with thumb holes keep things in place.

two kids in the woods at a wood teepee in waterproof winter gear from biddleandbop

Winter play is beautiful - the woods are calm and quiet. We plan for slower hikes and more in-depth play - sliding across frozen puddles, stomping ice, playing house beneath branches. Plan for extra time in one spot - but remember, the kids won't be still - they'll be actively engaged in play. Giving kids space for uninterrupted play is important! Just keep in mind that adults watching or younger toddlers and babies will need more layers than active kids. Our Janus wool collection provides great base layer and accessory options for all ages, including adults.

toddler playing in snow in Villervalla swedish snowgear from US Biddleandbop.comWe get so much use out of our winter gear because the kids go out almost every day. When the world is snow covered, even the mundane and normal becomes a magical place to explore - and with the right gear, kids can stay at play.

Kids at frozen river in villervalla winter gear from US

A top tip from our own home? Make outdoor play a right: an option that doesn't get taken away for behavior and isn't dependent on weather. Send the kids out even when you don't want to go out yourself - don't let your hesitancy wear off on them! If there's a hard bit, it's getting out there.

two children in front of frozen waterfall in NJ in Villervalla Winter Gear from US

Where will you adventure this winter? Tag us in your photos on Instagram #biddleandbopkids and follow us at @biddleandbop 


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