Quilted Thermals

Quilted Thermals are lightweight, economical suits designed to insulate in a light weight, movement friendly style. Ever popular on the playgrounds of Scandinavia, Quilted Thermals are perfect for dry weather outdoor play - they're often seen on the playgrounds where kids are playing in sand and dirt because they brush right off and machine wash easily. Unlike classic fleece, sand and leaves and pine needles do not stick to the fabric. 
When it's wet and cold, layer these Quilted Thermals under our classic rainsuits or shell jackets or suits and they're the perfect mid layer insulation. How cold they are good until depends greatly on each child and on the base layers used under, but as a general guide, these quilted thermals plus a classic rainsuit or shell jacket are approximately equivalent to our light ski jackets. In low teens and below and for extended time outdoors in winter, dedicated winter gear is a valuable and necessary investment.

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