School outdoors? Yes!
Here is our list and tips for gearing up for school in all weather, outdoor classrooms.

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child running down path wearing blue rain bibs

First up, the basics: three layers that will get your child through a great year of all weather play. See more on this set up HERE. 

Shop the 1-2-3 setup:
1. Baselayers (regulate body temps and keep kids comfortable and healthy - wool options HERE)
2. Quilted Thermals (prefect for dry day play or layered under waterproofs on cold, wet, or windy days)
3. Waterproof Outerwear (Rain Gear Sets - one piece suits also an option for some schools)

Find your child's size here. 

Below are some other things to look at that will help make your child's school year smooth. Click the title links to see each item in our shop. 

Here's the "extra" gear outdoor school families return for year after year:

  • Waterproof over mittens - for spring and fall, waterproof over mittens are perfect for playing in damp or wet conditions in spring, fall, and mild winter. They can be worn "over mittens" but they are fleece lined so it is not necessary and helps make self-use simple at school. Size 2 typically fits 2-4year olds. Bigger hands / kids should try these
  • Magic mitts/gloves - available in both cotton and wool blends, these are like socks for hands - super handy, wash up easily, and they tend to get really dirty. Stash them in a pocket or bag and always have them ready.
  • Waterproof winter mittens come into play later, and it's surprisingly hard to find really waterproof gloves and mittens - so we stock up on the good ones for you! We recommend mittens as opposed to gloves for children 5 and under so they can easily self dress. They will figure out dexterity like astronauts - and little fingers will stay warmer too.
  • Winter Hats, Tube Scarves, and Balaclavas - fleece lined or wool blend hats for cold days are magical. Trapper hats cover the ears, balaclavas cover neck and head. Take your pick! To be worn together or separate as needed for warmth.
  • Cotton Beanies - for spring and fall when it's not cold enough for the winter hats, our kids ro ck these soft hats in the woods, on hikes, and everyday. They are an extra level of bug protection too!
  • Socks - while we carry lots of fun socks, our wool socks stand out for all weather play because they keep feet warm and comfortable even when damp or wet. Because wool is naturally antimicrobial, they can go without daily washing if not soiled  - and if they take a sock footed walk and end up with a pull or a hole, don't fret - our FarmtoFeet socks come with a lifetime warranty - send them in, get a new pair back. (Please note this is only on FarmtoFeet brand.) Our wool is all mulesing free - our brands prioritize fair treatment and care for the sheep.
  • Boots - we carry a small selection of natural rubber rain boots. For school, we recommend the full height boots (half height are helpful for young walkers and tiny legs.) Rainboots run a generous half size big to allow for socks or liners, so you do not need to size up. 
  • Waterbottles - our favorite insulated, leak proof, clip-able waterbottles. Add a name label and you're good to go! We recommend the larger 27oz for kids 5 and up so they can avoid constant refills.child wearing red hat, multi colored fleece, and golden yellow bibbed rainpants, standing in front of a tree.

I know that's a lot of info! Feeling overwhelmed? Remember these are all the add ons - you've got the main needs covered with your rainsuit, mid, and base layer combo. You've got this!