Long life starts with the right fit. For fit help, start here:


Find the Celavi, Minymo, and Color Kids size chart here.

When sizing, purchase the "best fit" or closest to the child's current height. Our suits are made with room to grow, and are roomy enough to fit appropriate layers under.

What happens when suits are too big? Water comes in, pant bottoms get walked on (just like your favorite jeans that are a bit too long), sleeves get rolled - all of which introduces unnecessary dirt and mud and dirty water to the inside and less protected area of the suit and stops play early. It means your suit will wear out faster and kids may become disinterested in wearing the suit - or in playing if the suit is required.

For best fit in our Classic and patterned rain gear by CeLaVi, do not size up until the child is within 5cm of the next height bracket. A child who is 102cm should wear a 100cm suit, not a 110. A child who is 106cm will fit just fine in a 100cm suit, but can begin wearing a 110 suit now. A 100cm suit should last most children at the bare minimum until 105cm in height, and we typically see suits lasting much longer.

Here, a small 8 year old wears size 120cm bibbed pants over our fleece jacket.  

Care and Cleaning:

The best way to care for your raingear is to not over clean it! That's right... wash as little as possible. We cannot warranty items that have been machine washed, please wash with care!


* Rinse clean and shake off when dry

* Use your hand or a soft cloth to remove stuck on, dry mud

* then spot clean if necessary with a gentle soap


* Use anything abrasive like a scrub brush or brillo pad

* Put through an agitator or spin cycle

* Use harsh detergents

* Dry on hot heat more than absolutely necessary

* Dry in direct sunlight often

When the weather is right, we like to spray the kids with the hose while still wearing their gear, then hang the gear to dry in the shade.

Direct sunlight can wear down on colors and fabric as well as elastics. Abrasives including tree bark while climbing or rough rocks can cause holes in the best of materials. If a hole does develop due to regular rough use or improper care, all is not lost. They can be patched with any waterproof patch kit or waterproof garment repair tape - it's not the same, but it'll do the trick.

Kids on the playground in Copenhagen join ours on late fall day - wearing the same gear we carry at Biddle&Bop for kids in the US!