What items are excluded on sales?
Unless otherwise stated, brands including Maileg, Wobbel, Mader, Fagus, Grapat, Lubulona, Abel, Just Blocks, and Collegien are excluded from all sitewide and blanket sales and discounts per our contracts with each company. We honor these exclusions in order to help preserve the integrity of each brand.

When will my order ship?

Typically orders ship Monday through Thursday from Wisconsin. With current shipping delays, you can expect a stateside transit time of 3-7 days.

Please note due to the current worldwide pandemic, all shipments may experience delays.

USPS recently announced that they are suspending Priority Mail International to Australia today, September 17, and all shipments via this service will be returned to sender. This is an update to the recent USPS suspension of First Class Package International Service to Australia.  USPS Priority Mail Express International is currently still available for USPS delivery to Australia.

Where is my order?

It's very normal for tracking to take 24-48 hours to update, so don't worry! Just check back later.

Can you ship to APO/FPO/DPO or other Military addresses?
Absolutely. Some customs restrictions apply and differ by country, but for the most part, yes, we can and are happy to ship to you. Enter your address this way:

  1. Write out the service member's rank and full name in the name field.

  2. Include their unit and PO box on Address Line 1.

  3. The city field will be your APO, FPO, DPO

  4. The Region field will be the “state code,” AA, AP, AE

  5. Set the country as the United States

If you have a military address, we can, in most cases, ship to you as if you are in the US - which means your shipping costs will US and not international.

What if my order is lost or stolen? 
We proudly offer route shipping insurance at checkout. We recommend you purchase this insurance every time to protect your shipment at a low cost to you. If you have not purchased our route shipping insurance, we can help direct you to the shipper (usually USPS) for lost or delayed items or to the police for stolen items. We cannot replace lost or damaged items that shipped uninsured. 

Do you have a storefront?
We did, in Maplewood, NJ... but we're currently online only for the foreseeable future. Who knows what's next?!
    How waterproof is "waterproof"?

    Most of our items will show a waterproof rating on their page. You can learn more about that rating here.

    How can I find a forest exploration group or school by me?

    We are proud to see the Forest "School" network in the US and Canada growing and thriving. Please check back or join our Facebook group for more on US outdoor schools.

    How do I know what size to purchase?

    Most of our gear is sized in centimeters, with the size being the middle of the fit range. Simply measure your child's standing height (please don't guess!) and google to convert to centimeters. A child who is 45inches tall is 114.3cm. Most of our gear is in 6 or 10cm increments and fit on a 10cm range - so a 110cm suit is designed to fit at least from 105-115cm. For many kids, the fit allows even more grow room.

    How do I tell US sizing?

    Feel free to check out our general sizing sheet here. When it comes to rain gear, perfect fit is really a big deal. It means water - and dampness - stays out, and clothes are neither walked on nor causing discomfort to the child. Every child is different - so for the best fit, we go by height. You can simply measure your child's standing height, and go here to convert inches to centimeters - or if you prefer, email us with your child's height and we're happy to help. Just use the contact button below.