When will my order ship?

Typically orders ship the next business day. Orders placed late Friday may not ship until Monday as our Saturday mail goes out early. If you need something expedited, please let us know and we will be happy to get you a quote on shipping to fit your needs.

My order tracking says it does not exist! What's going on?

It's very normal for tracking to take 24-48 hours to update, so don't worry! Just check back later.

Why don't you have more ___?

Well, chances are, we'd love to! We're small, but we're growing - so keep sending your friends! Feel free to reach out and we'll help any way we can.

What size Beco carrier do I need?

We've put together a great article with lots of photos to answer that very question. You can read it here.

What size Tula carrier do I need?

We've put together a great article with lots of photos to answer that very question. You can read it here.

I have more questions about Tula baby and toddler carriers! Help!

Don't worry, we've got you covered! Read our Tula 101 here and then go check out our Tula FAQ. We think they'll help a ton.

Can I wear my toddler while pregnant?

Our lawyers have advised us to say this: "Please consult your doctor." However, if you're asking if moms have and do comfortably carry toddlers while pregnant, well yes, of course! Still - consult a midwife or local babywearing certified expert to help you find a safe fit when available.

Why don't you sell those hiking carriers like REI?

Mostly because... REI. And every where else you can grab one of those. But also because they take up more space and have a smaller age / weight range for comfortable use. If you have one and love it, use it! If you're looking for something new, consider one of our soft structured buckle carriers - we think you'll love them - on and off the trail.

What boots are best for forest school / unschool / waldorf school? Do you carry them?

We recommend a pair of solid natural rubber wellies (rainboots) anytime waterplay will be involved. Look for something with as little heal as possible for younger children especially. We don't keep boots in stock but we do occasionally order for groups and our mailing list - so reach out if you're looking! Other brands to check out: MyMayu, Kamik Stomp, and Hunter Kids First.

How waterproof is "waterproof"?

Most of our items will show a waterproof rating on their page. You can learn more about that rating here.

How can I find a forest exploration group or school by me?

We are proud to see the Forest "School" network in the US and Canada growing and thriving. You can be a part by joining Forest School for All here, search for a group near you, or even start your own!

Where are the fit charts? How do I know what size raingear to purchase?

Most of our gear is sized in centimeters, with the size being the middle of the fit range. Simply measure your child's standing height (please don't guess!) and google to convert to centimeters. A child who is 45inches tall is 114.3cm. Most of our gear is in 10cm increments and goes on that 10cm range - so a 110cm suit is designed to fit at least from 105-115cm. For thin to average kids, the fit allows even more grow room, and our kids are wearing smaller sizes to demo that- at 115cm 5 1/2 yr old Lily wears a 110 suit well. Thea, at 90cm, is still wearing her 80cm suit

Why don't you just give US sizing?

Feel free to check out our general cheat sheet here. When it comes to rain gear, perfect fit is really a big deal. It means water - and dampness - stays out, and clothes are neither walked on nor causing discomfort to the child. Every child is different - so for the best fit, we go by height. You can simply measure your child's standing height, and go here to convert inches to centimeters - or if you prefer, email us with your child's height and we're happy to help. Just use the contact button below.