Got the temptation to "size up"? Drop it at the door - this is not your typical store bought kid clothing - our European made gear is designed with room to grow and in most cases, kids have tons of extra space. If you want to choose the right size with room to grow, just measure your child's standing height and convert to centimeters. (Google will do it for you, or you can go here.)

Can't measure? Here's our sizing chart to give you an idea of where to start - but we get a ton of returns when folks guess, so please measure when at all possible!

Above, 3 year old Thea is just over 37'', or 94cm. She's considered "average" height and weight for her age. On the left, she's wearing size 70cm pink bibbed pants - that's right, SEVENTY! She's rocking them just fine, though they are starting to show signs that she's out growing them. She can still wear them with full freedom of movement and without leaks, and in fact, at the time of these photos that's exactly what she was wearing for her forest school and backyard adventures. 
In the center photo, she's modeling size 90 navy pants, and right, size 100 red pants. At 94cm, she can just barely pull off the size 100s, but they're baggy and she has tons of room.

How do they hold up? While our most popular product, we've only had one issue of holes or tears from rough play, and we suspected a material defect. We've played hard with ours without issue, but there are a few rules of care that will keep them in tip top shape:

* Don't wash them unless they really need it! The best way to preserve the quality of your waterproof gear is to not wash it. If it gets muddy, let it hang dry and then shake out or wipe down with a damp cloth - nothing abrasive! Spot clean as necessary, and if they do need washed, we recommend a hand wash in a tub or with a hose, using a gentle soap or detergent; and hang dry out of direct sunlight.

* Avoid abrasive materials - rough concrete like in some pool areas or rough tree bark may harm your gear. It may be time to take a quick break from the rain pants if you need to explore those areas. We hope you have some good smooth climbing trees, but keep in mind that all trees pose a hang risk when wearing bibbed pant - suspenders will NOT break free - so please take care and watch your children. Because of this, we do not recommend climbing trees in bibbed pants.

* Use those elastics! Boot elastics are designed to fit under the sole of rainboots in the highpoint between the heel and front footpad. This will great the best waterproofing possible.

Have fun out there!