This blog is about play - but it's also about you, and today I need to pause and acknowledge our families on the front lines of the battle with Coronovirus.

Just when all this growing from a whisper in the public mind, February 22-25, I was at the Javits Center in NYC along with 26000 others. We gathered from around the country and the world for ToyFair - an industry event showcasing the newest products in the toy world. 
toyfair nyc 2020 entrance from
Typically there is a huge section of Chinese manufacturers and businesses present, but they had cancelled the "China Pavilion."
There was buzz about how the virus in China would affect toy manufacturing and availability, but still the general energy and upbeat feel was there as always.
We already knew, but it was still ignorable.
There was hand sanitizer and our government had already banned travelers from China, but if you asked most of us, we wouldn't have known much about it.
"Toy Fair NY has always occurred each year during the height of the U.S. influenza season, so precautions are the norm during the show.," emails reminded us.
We had no idea.
biddleandbop - toyfair NYC javits center minons lego
One month ago, an army of giant Lego Minons greeted us at the entrance to an upbeat, care-free Toy Fair. The halls were filled with the newest board games and stuffed toys and costumes and Baby Yodas, glitter slime and secret new Lego sets, the return of Tamagotchi and a $400 RC Tesla CyberTruck. Wooden favorites and new finds. Invincible Super Heros and plastic Army-men.
Yesterday, these photos were shared by a NY Police Officer. In the course of four days, they have turned the Javits Center into a 1,000 bed field hospital.

"A temporary medical facility at the Javits Center with 1000 beds is now complete with the help of FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency and the National Guard and will open on Monday to handle non-COVID patient overflow caused by the #coronavirus pandemic.
The naval ship USNS Comfort is due to arrive from Virginia and a field hospital is set to open at the Javits Center on Monday." (Javits Center FB)
Again, the hall will be home to super-heros, but this time, they're not invincible.
We must have their backs. To everyone who can, find play in your homes and backyards and gardens and apartments. Find hope in everything you can, and don't give up.
To those on our front lines, we see you, and we are holding space for you.

- Jess