Fall to Spring Forest School and Outdoor Gear: What Do I Really Need?

Confused by what to purchase for your child's forest school or outdoor preschool? Looking to get outside more with your kids but not sure what gear you need?
Nature based play and all weather programs and family time are a wonderful education - we'll help you get geared up to make every day easy and fun!

dress for all weather play: layering guide

Layering: 1-2-3
A classic layering system works well for most schools in most climates. Winter layering is the most complex, with all accessories needed. But the same gear can be used for much if not all of the year, depending on your local weather and your child's needs. Our free printable dressing guide makes it easy to help kids dress themselves for winter. For those in colder climates or full time outdoors with winter conditions, dedicated winter gear is a valuable and necessary investment.

What's in Stock
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Layer 1: Base Layers

Polyester base layers, bamboo/merino mix, or merino wool base layers help maintain proper body temperatures and keep kids from both overheating and getting too cold. They wick moisture away from the body and are quick drying and easy to care for at the end of long days. Wool and bamboo can be worn even in warm weather.
Shop Children's Polyester Base Layers here.
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Fleece jacket worn under rain pants by toddler outdoors
Layer 2: Mid Insulating Layers

Comfy fleece or lightweight, dirt resistant Quilted Thermals are great insulators for colder days. Quilted Thermals are preferred by most schools as they are perfect for covering clothes and keeping kids warm on mild days, durable and easily washable, and sand, dirt, and leaves don't stick to them. 
Fleece is the softest fit under outerwear, and super comfy for cuddling up at home after play. We currently carry two kinds of fleece: basic light weight fleece and heavier, knit Pile Fleece. Pile Fleece or wind-fleece is the warmest option of the the three and a great option for an outer jacket for kids who don't want to wear ski or snow jackets.

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Bonus: if warmth is priority and budget allows, down jackets make amazing layers and outerwear and are highly water resistant. They are not as ideal as outerwear for rough, outdoor school play. Shop down jackets here.

Layer 3. Waterproof Outers

For all round play, waterproof outers are critical. Used in both wet and dry conditions, they protect clothing and keep kids comfortable and at play for extended time periods in variable weather. We offer options in both uninsulated (shell) and insulated (winter) waterproof gear in both separates and one piece sets.
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bibbed pants sizing
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classic rainsuits waterproof gear for all weather play at US biddleandbop.com

Celavi Classic suits from Denmark - PVC and Yuck Free, for the best play.