Fall to Spring Forest School and Outdoor Gear: What Do I Really Need?

Fall to Spring Forest School and Outdoor Gear: What Do I Really Need?

Wondering how to dress your child for forest school, nature kinder, or outdoor play all year long? Get kids outdoors more with proper gear - A detailed explanation of our favorite layering process for economical ways to gear children for play in all weather. Featuring Scandinavian designs and styles shipped from the USA from a family run, woman owned business.
February 07, 2019 — Jessica Schaefer
Blogger Favs: Anna of Raising Little Wilds

Blogger Favs: Anna of Raising Little Wilds

Favorite Biddle and Bop products compiled by outdoor mom blogger Anna of Raising Little Wilds
February 21, 2018 — Jessica Schaefer

The Best Waterproof Suits for Kids

Looking for all weather gear that will really hold up to outdoor play, no matter the weather? Shop Biddle and Bop for the Best Danish and Scandi Designed gear for US Kids. 

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Biddle and Bop kids sitting in pond at Ithaca Children's Garden in Biddle and Bop waterproof gear

Ready to go? Find the perfect fit first by reading our sizing help article here.

Small boy wearing blue waterproof gear explores abandoned car in rural Alaska

Shop our classic rain gear here.

rainbow of raingear waterproof outdoor gear for children from US Biddle and Bop

Want to read more? Check out this review from Your Natural Learner.

January 29, 2018 — Jessica Schaefer

New Things at BiddleandBop.com


Lots of new things in the shop right now! Here's a peek! Shop biddleandbop.com 

January 30, 2017 — Jessica Schaefer

Wearing Your Rain Gear as Snow Gear

January 07, 2017 — Jessica Schaefer

What Gear Do I Really Need?

It’s a foreign concept in America - to be outside, playing, simply playing. So when you look at the gear we label “outdoor gear” or “outerwear” for kids, it’s no wonder so many parents come back saying it doesn’t really work... click to keep reading and find what does!

April 08, 2015 — Jessica Schaefer

How to Dress for All Day Cold Weather Play: Free Printable!

Get dressed for all day cold weather play with this free printable! (There's a guide for Mom & Dad too!)
December 03, 2014 — Jessica Schaefer

Sure, Kids... Go Play!

Kids want to play. In the mud. In the sand. In the snow. In the rain. Don't stop them. And don't let their footwear stop them either.
September 13, 2014 — Jessica Schaefer