Keen Shoes: What we love about this reliable footwear brand

Keen shoes are seen everywhere now - in stores, on feet, on social media, in adventure races... no doubt, you've seen them if not owned a few pair! We love the durability of Keen shoes - our kids don't wear through them in a season, and second hand use is a real possibility - plus, adult shoes easily last through tons of adventures. Keen's commitment to sustainability is clear and they are constantly learning - a trait we really admire!

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Here are some of our favorites:

For tots and young kids: Keen Seacamp - this lighter weight version of the best known Keen sandal is a bit more flexible with a bit thinner sole, giving little feet more flexibility. These shoes are perfect for in and out of water and mud, they stay on the foot and don't mind getting dirty. They wash up easily, though we usually just take a romp in the river or spray with a hose to wash up during the heavy use summer months!

For the inbetweens: we love the Waterproof Kootenay for keeping feet dry and warm in the 4-7 ages. Perfect for kids that like cushy, comfy shoes but also want to romp through whatever they find out there - these boots have one big velcro close so they're super easy to get on and off, but they stay on well and provide lots of waterproof cushion.

For bigger kids:
For kids who don't love the feel of sandals or don't like dirt and sand coming into the shoe, a waterproof hiking shoe may be a good answer! Keep in mind for serious, long distance hiking, waterproof shoes may be a poor choice as they also tend to keep moisture in more than a non-waterproof shoe... but for the casual or mid distance hiker or everyday fun, we love the Keen Terradora or Chandler WP shoes.
For the classic Keen protection in sandal form, you can't beat the Newport! It's sturdy with a thick, durable sole and hard working uppers to outlast whatever you can throw at it. 

For adults: 
Mom's favorites:
Newport - the classic hard working sandal - plus, the kids love when we match on adventures!
Targhee Vent - stability and super grip treads with the added bonus of vents for warmer conditions. Perfect for long hikes or playground chases. The stability of a full hiking shoe is a plus especially when babywearing or toddlerwearing on trails.
Terradora Waterproof Mid - extra cusion in a waterproof shoe!


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May 14, 2019 — Jessica Schaefer