Ten Wonderful Things You Can Do For YOU This Mother's Day

Ten Wonderful Things You Can Do for YOU This Mother's Day - by Jess of Biddle and Bop

Here's a list of ten wonderful things you can do for you this mother's day...


May 07, 2015 — Jessica Schaefer
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I Avoid Nursing My Toddler (and other truths about full term breastfeeding)

January 21, 2015 — Jessica Schaefer

A Letter to My Nursling...

A letter to my nursling... on our breastfeeding relationship over the years.
January 08, 2015 — Jessica Schaefer

Of Cheese and Eggs and Christmas Cheer...

"You don't know how to write the word, but you can draw a picture." Ok with this, she got a sticky note and a pen. "Momma, will you write 'Colby cheese' on my list first please," she asked. I did.
December 14, 2014 — Jessica Schaefer

How to Have a Magical Holiday without an Elf, Mall Santas, or Candy filled Stockings...

Feeling behind on the Holiday Magic making? No time for a elf and not sure you can feed your kids another sugar cookie? Here's hope...
December 11, 2014 — Jessica Schaefer
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5 Tips for Talking to Toddlers About Tragedy:

5 Tips for Talking to Toddlers About Tragedy:

But later, the questions came: What did it mean, why did it happen, who was to blame? How do you answer a toddler on these complicated, heavy, emotional issues?  Here are five tips to keep in mind....
September 11, 2014 — Jessica Schaefer
Tags: Parenting

There's No Magic Here.... (A Letter to Stressed Out Parents)

"On Friday I meant to write to tell you how taking time for yourself is critical, refreshing, and strengthening. I wanted to tell you that parenting during the toddler years doesn’t have to be all about stressful bedtimes, temper tantrums, and clingy-teething kids. But I didn’t write because..."
June 05, 2014 — Jessica Schaefer