“There’s an old Scandinavian saying:
there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong gear”

Kids want to play. In all kinds of weather and all different conditions. Don't stop them. And don't let their footwear stop them either.

When Thea started walking, we had just moved from Florida to New Jersey. It was the middle of the longest winter in forever. It was long. And cold. And full of snow. So naturally, we got her a pair of snow boots. We put them on her feet, and she fell over on her face. We sat her in the snow and she cried. She couldn't even lift her feet, and the soles were a sharp contrast to the soft soled shoes she loved. She simply couldn't walk!

In a few months the snow had melted, and Thea was a stronger walker, ready to go go go. There were puddles to explore and lots of mud - so we put her in rain boots. They still seemed heavy on her little legs. She could walk, but every so often her feet pulled out of the boots. Rain got in. Forget mud. 

Lily, our 4 year old, was glad for the snowmelt because she just plain didn't like her snow boots and refused to go out in them. She eagerly put on rain boots. But soon enough, they were tossed aside. It was easier to play without them. She didn't like it when rocks or water got in. They got stuck in the mud.

The back of our car was home to four pairs of bulky, little used boots. And we got in far less playtime then I wished.

We wanted something better. A boot with a flexible but durable sole, light weight, easily cleaned, that didn't let in rocks and didn't get pulled off in the mud. A boot that didn't spend more time taking up space in my trunk then exploring with my kids. A boot that would let them keep playing...

And so we found MyMayu - a company with a dream for the very same thing... 

We're now proud to carry Muddy Munchkin "Play" boots by MyMayu.

These Play boots are not 100% waterproof, but they are highly water resistant. They can be worn with or without socks, or with thick socks or Muddy Munchkin's Helios liners for colder weather. These boots will take whatever adventure comes their way. Get yours here.