I know. It looks like a toddler wearing a plastic crown about to jump over piles of crap and attack the poor soul who has to venture inside...

but this is much more then it looks like (oh you with tired adult eyes.) This picture is over a year old, yet I asked my daughter what exactly she was doing here, and she recounted it as if it were yesterday, very matter of fact.

“I was scared of noises on the street, and so you said, Lily, why don’t you make a wall to protect our home from the giants! And I said, there are no giants, and I cannot build a wall. But you showed me the green things, from the mailing boxes, and I used things I found on the ground and all around and oh, I was so happy! And I yelled and yelled and yelled from behind the wall - go away mean giants, go away!”

Creative play. Imagination at work. A problem solved, a need met. You can encourage creative play in your home:

  • Start them off with a silly, novel, or shocking idea.

"Why don't you make a wall to protect our home?"
"How will the lost penguins find a warm place to sleep - look! The snow is coming!"
"Hurry! Hide! The dandelions are looking for you!"
"We have to get to the other side of the garden, but I can't find our map! Can you help?"

  • Present a foreign item and encourage them to find a use.

"Excuse me, are you using that flibberjibber?".... "Mom! Dats a napkin!" ... "Oh, no no... it looooks like a napkin, but this one is soo much more. Have you taken him outside yet? Oh! Boy! Go! See what it will do! Will it fly? Will it tie your shoes? Will it take you for a walk?"
(You know your kids, but they might surprise you. Give them a little bit at a time. If they seem unsure, keep roll playing a little bit more - they need more practice!) 

  • Only provide as much gas as is needed to start the fire.

Some days and some kids need more starter fuel then other days or other kids. No big deal. Fill the need then watch them go!

  • Pass the torch and let them be.

Sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee, read your favorite blogs, and post instagram pics of your #biddleandbopkids enjoying some #creativeplay and #everydayadventures! Don't forget to tag us ( @biddleandbop ) - We'd love to see what they come up with on their everyday adventures!