Y'all Means All Poster

$ 25.00

All are welcome. Many hands make light work. All for one, and one for all.

From the maker:
"We could say it so many ways, but in the south, we say y'all.
This print is a celebration of what we love and use most here at hatch show print: wood type and colour!

Wood type that is six and two-thirds inches and eight and two-third inches high works with customized punctuation, incorporating the shop iconic deco logo, for a complete poster design. Printed in one layer, but with three colors of ink that blended during the process of letterpress printing to produce at least six colors when pressed onto the paper, this graphically spare print packs a visual punch, even beyond its message.

Enough said."

Designer's notes size: 13.5" X 23" (approximately) letterpress print. Printed on a Vandercook 232, or mile 29. Handmade in Nashville, Tennessee.