Coffee (it's Better) Poster

$ 20.00

A popular poster for coffee lovers and fans of vintage advertisements, this beautiful print evokes memories of java percolating in the morning. Wake up and smell the coffee! 

Originally cut in the 1930s for the Fletcher-Wilson Coffee Company, of Nashville, the prints were likely printed in an orange-red and blue, which would have been eye-catching when posted in or near the coffee aisles in grocery stores carrying one of the many products Fletcher-Wilson produced, and which came to be known as 'Bubbling Over' and 'Luxury' coffee.

The hand-carved woodblocks for this poster were mislaid for many years and only rediscovered in the 1990s. Coinciding with that bit of serendipity is another historical tidbit: the factory where the canned and jarred products the company produced (including peanut butter, which might have been its leading product), is now a performance venue, called The Cannery, just a few blocks from the print shop.

Designer's Notes

  • Size: 14" x 20"
  • Restrike of historic advertising poster.
  • Letterpress print.
  • Printed on a Hoe Cylinder Press (originally), or a Vandercook Universal III.
  • Handmade in Nashville, Tennessee. 

 *As seen on Modern Family!*