What They Love: Tick Free Summer Forest Play with Claudine Mossberg

summer gear picks for tick prevention protection forest play by Claudine Mossberg of Forest School for All

1. Bibbed Rainpant | 2. Rainbow Tee | 3. Tick Key | 4. Tube Scarf | 5. Wool Crew Sock | 6. PVC Free Rainboot in Green/Navy | 7. Children's Tool Kit 

Brooklyn New York City native Claudine Mossberg brought a passion for forest play from the city to suburban NJ, where she quickly built a community network for unstructured outdoor play. Fueled by the overwhelming response, Claudine helped formed outdoor parenting group Forest School for All (FSFA). Today Forest School for All supports parent-led groups throughout the US and around the world.

To find a community of outdoor play and learning near you, visit Forest School For All. Or, let them help you start your own! You'll be encouraged to play outdoors more when you have friends to join with you. Then, watch your children experience their world in a whole new way as they visit the same places each week, through various weather and seasonal changes.

Biddle and Bop helps provide the best in all weather gear so that Forest School for All families can make the most of their outdoor play. One of Claudine's most asked questions is "what about ticks?" Living in New Jersey where lyme and tick borne illnesses are a real risk, tick prevention is an important topic. Claudine and her children can be found in the woods in all seasons, seemingly unafraid of these tiny menaces. But Claudine says she has no secret: just be prepared and do tick checks often! 

How does Claudine prepare for forest play in tick season? (Ticks are, by the way, out in most weather too, even winter.) Besides constant tick checks, Claudine's children wear gear like that featured above. Bibbed pants over boots in all but the very hottest weather keep ticks from latching on or climbing up the legs to hide in hard to see places. 
Tube scarves are used to cover hair and make ticks easier to spot and remove, and less likely to get to favorite hiding places.

Above, find Claudine's favorite items from Biddle and Bop, including:

  • Bibbed Waterproof Pants
  • Wool Socks (comfy even when damp)
  • PVC Free Rainboots
  • Cotton Tees in Rainbows of Colors (for a little more joy!)
  • Real tools for creative child-led play
  • Tick Key: for proper, safe removal of embedded ticks

At Biddle and Bop you'll find all kinds of gear to keep kids at play, no matter the weather. Join Forest School for All or find a school near you. Shop Claudine's favorites or start at our menu above and gear up for play!