WayToPlay Flexible Play Road: Grand Prix 24 piece

$ 94.00
Brand WaytoPlay
The new waytoplay Grand Prix flexible road set will set young hearts racing! Watch your children create their very own circuits and road maps for their favorite little racecars and other vehicles. Fully compatible with our other Waytoplay sets.
Grand Prix features:
  • 24 track parts, flexible and durable toy circuit (circuit length 384 cm)
  • 16 curves with Grand Prix stripes and curbstones
  • 6 straights with Grand Prix stripes and starting grid
  • 1 straight with Grand Prix stripes and finish line
  • 1 straight with Grand Prix stripes and pit box

The flexible rubber road is great indoors or outdoors as it can be set out on almost any surface. This flexible road can be easily washed or wiped clean!

Please note that the weight of the Road pieces may damage the box during transit despite our best packing. Sometimes our WaytoPlay boxes also get a bit smushed in their journey across the ocean! We cannot refund or discount for damaged boxes.

Features of the waytoplay flexible road toys:

  • Flexible, durable road toy 
  • Can be used on almost any surface, inside or outside
  • Easy to connect parts
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Combine with other toys for all kinds of fun!

    Image photos may contain other road pieces.