Melanin Magic Ribbon Wand: Flexin my Complexion

$ 13.00

Skin tone rainbow - ribbon wand with the phrase "Flexin my Complexion" engraved.

Representation matters - toys that teach diversity

Skin comes in a rainbow of colors, and these ribbon wand toys celebrate the diversity of children and their many hues of melanin.

Choose an affirmation and watch them dance, play, and laugh for joy.

Children are beautiful. In every color. Let's teach them to celebrate their skin and their melanin!

Multi-racial toys

$2 from every purchase is donated to Brown Babes Rep Too - an organization that advocates for diversity in small business advertising.

Pure, colorful, imaginative play toys.  Use these ribbon wands as outdoor play toys, inside toys, color learning toys, gross motor skills toys... the open ended play possibilities are endless! Natural toys made of organic maple wood and ribbon.  
Sensory toys are perfect for pretend play. 
What better way to get kids to go outside and play than with these Waldorf hand Kite toys?


Colors may vary slightly from those shown on screen.