Rock Layers Nalgene

$ 25.00
Brand Alpinecho
Carry your water in style with no worries about leaking or breaking your bottle!
This wrap-around design features a hand-carved block carving of rock strata layers (geologic cross sections) of a mountain, complete with trees on top. Show how deep and complicated you are!

Enjoy water, coffee, or any other hot or cold beverage from this genuine Nalgene®️ Sustain®️ bottle. Perfect for carrying your favorite beverage on your next adventure, around the home, and even (if you must) around the office. Premium Sustain®️ bottles are made from 50% recycled material; each bottle is made with the equivalent of 8 recycled single-use water bottles.

• Made with 50% recycled material
• 32 oz, with wide-mouth screw lid
• Leak-proof and dishwasher safe
• Impact resistant
• Wide mouth fits most water filtration devices
• Denim bottle with yellow print and yellow/green/teal lid
• 100% designed, made, and printed in the USA