Wings of the World Figure: Peregrine Falcon

$ 9.99
Brand Safari

Peregrine falcons are the fastest animals in the world. They can dive at speeds well over 200 miles per hour! Also called the duck hawk, these widespread birds are found on every continent except for Antarctica.

  • Scientific Name: Falco peregrinus
  • Characteristics: This peregrine falcon is swooping in to grab some prey in its outstretched talons! This individually hand painted figure is supported by a grass base that is permanently attached to its tail, simulating an “in flight” pose, allowing all the details of its feathers to be seen across its wingspan.
  • Size and Color:  Our peregrine falcon figure features a wingspan of 3 ¾ inches, and is 1 ¾ inches long and 2 ¾ inches high, making it just about the size of a standard sticky note. Its back is mostly dark grey, with lighter gray underneath and brown accents on its feathers. Its chin is white, its beak and and feet are yellow, and its grassy base is a light green.
  • The Peregrine Falcon is part of the Wings of the World collection.
  • Non-toxic and BPA free.