Natural Rubber Half Height Rainboots (Short Wellies) for New Walkers: Black

$ 40.00
Brand CeLaVi

Since rubber boots for children are often used for several hours at a time, it is important that they are comfortable and functional. This model is a half height rain boot perfect for new walkers.
These boots are narrower in the heel so that children can move better when walking, running and playing. 
In order for the boot to fit optimally on the child's foot, it must be the length of the foot plus a finger (1-1.5 cm), so that there is room for the big toe and a thick sock. If you'd like your child to wear them barefoot, you can skip the extra space but know that they will outgrow them sooner.

There are visible reflections on the rubber boots and an inner soft insole that can be removed as needed. 

Available in Euro sizing from size 19-26 or approximately infant 4 through toddler 9.5 - see size chart below.

The details:
Made with Natural Rubber, created from a minimum of 45% rubber from Thailand and oil from Korea. Lining is 100% Polyester. Tested and Approved, our boots receive a passing certification regarding: Azo dyes, Formaldehyde, PAH, total lead (Pb), Phthalates according to REACH.

Size Chart:

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