Looong Coloring Books Ready to Trace - Beginner Lines

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Get your crayons ready – it’s time for tracing lines! This creative set contains 2 long (37.5”!) accordion books with 23 illustrations and exercises, which will encourage children to pick up their crayons and practice precise hand movements.

Carefully selected, fun exercises motivate children to copy shapes and draw objects in more and more detail. It is a natural introduction to learning to write and also a means of creative expression.

Ensure that your child holds the crayon with the proper grip. Name the colors and objects in the pictures. Use the illustrations to learn numbers as well.


  • Tracing lines, drawing and coloring makes for a perfect introduction to writing 
  • Teaches kids concentration and perseverance
  • Help train more precise movements  
  • Coloring and drawing detailed objects helps boost creativity
  • Illustrations and product format are adapted for young learners
  • Handy envelope makes it perfect for on-the-go fun and travel

          Product Specs:

          Set contains

          • 24 pages/ 2 extra-long coloring books

          Product dimensions

          • Each book measures 16×96 cm/ 6×37.5”

          Packaging dimensions

          • Envelope 18x20x0.5cm/ 7x8x0.2″