Feels-Write Sensory Play Stones: Numbers

$ 50.00

Children can struggle just as much with forming numerals correctly as they do with letters. They need to develop fine-motor control, the language to talk about shape and patterns, and the basic movements needed to form number shapes before they can acquire a fluent handwriting style.

Take a hands-on approach to this using our set of ten number stones (0–9). These attractive stones offer a tactile and visual way for children to practice number formation and build confidence. Starting at the green dot and guided by the subtle formation arrows, children will enjoy tracing the number shape with their finger, building important motor-memory skills.

The set is made from a durable stone and resin mix and are suitable for use indoors and outside. The stones measure approximately 5’’.


  • Set of 10 play stones
  • Each stone 5 inches on longest side
  • Made from a stone & resin mix
  • Ages 2+


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