Wings of the World Figure: Eagle Owl

$ 7.99
Brand Safari

The Eagle Owl is among the largest owl species, with a wingspan of over 6 feet. These owls are distributed across a wide range of varied habitats across Europe and Asia. Like their American cousins the horned owls, they are known for their pointed ear tufts.

    • Scientific Name:  Bubo bubo
    • Characteristics:  This Eagle Owl is turning its head to have a look at something behind it. Owls can turn their heads up to 270 degrees, a remarkable flexibility that makes them unique amongst birds.
    • Size and Color:  This Eagle Owl toy is 3 inches long and just over 2 inches tall, roughly the size of a credit card. Its feathers are largely brown, with a pattern of darker brown and white feathers across its wings and neck. Its facial disc is white with brown trim, and its piercing eyes are orange.
    • The Eagle Owl is part of the Wings of the World Birds collectionAll of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free