BabyOctopus: Weighted Crochet Lovie -  Leo

$ 38.00

Each tentacle on the handcrafted crochet octopus is designed to mimic the feel of the life-giving umbilical cord that surrounds babies in the womb—providing comfort and familiarity as they transition to life on the outside. They are easy to hold on to and provide a calming, sensory experience that everyone loves. From newborns, right through to children of all ages that need a special friend to help them fall asleep or who struggle with anxiety and love having a twisty, twirly hand to hold.

Filled with eco-friendly high density polyfill pellets (sewn in to a small bag for safety) This brings the weight of our weighted Octopus to approximately double that of the signature. The weighted Octopus will extend the gentle pressure of a mothers touch providing even more comfort.

Please note: because each octopus is handmade, no two are identical and may vary slightly in size, weight and shape

Fabric + Features
Hand crocheted with premium, soft, anti-pilling, 100% acrylic yarn
Safe and non-toxic
Approximately 25 cm in height
Proudly handmade in Canada
Fine Weave Mesh fabric care bag included