Wings of the World Figure: Blue Footed Booby

$ 6.99
Brand Safari

Also known as lories, lorikeets are an extremely colorful bird found throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea, and southern Asia. Despite their stunning plumage, the most unique thing about lorikeets is their unique brush-tipped tongue, which allows them to drink nectar.

  • Scientific Name:Tribe Loriini
  • Characteristics: Lorikeets are loved amongst bird owners due to their extremely docile and affectionate personalities, as well as their intelligence and ability to speak. Add this beautifully hand painted feathered friend to your flock today!
  • Size and Color: There are over sixty known species of lorikeets, and almost all of them are extremely vibrant and colorful. This lorikeet figurine features a coloration of royal blue, lime green, crimson, and sunny yellow, and measures 2.5 inches long and 1.5 inches tall, about the size of a credit card stood upright.
  • The Lorikeet is part of the Wings of the World Birds collection
  • Non-toxic and BPA free