Slugs and Snails: Autumn

$ 16.99

These deliciously soft and sturdy Slugs&Snails will remind you of hayrides, apple cider, and fresh fallen leaves. We love that thought any time of year!

  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • PVC free Anti-slip soles
  • Embroidered logo on the back panel makes wearing Slugs & Snails without trousers even more fun!
  • Very generously sized - no need to order larger, even with a diaper under.

From the creators of Slugs & Snails:

Boys, by nature, are busy, bold, and robust and that’s just how we want them to stay. However we found that boy’s clothing departments lack any comfy yet flexible legwear for little dudes. Unlike jeans and trousers our tights allow your child the freedom to bend and move freely and in a way that conventional trousers just don’t allow. They feel good too, which means that your little boy (or girl) can enjoy all the thrills of being a kid unrestricted – isn’t that the best way?

Being the proud owners of a little boy we remember (not too fondly) how many times we searched for that lost sock which vanished half way around the supermarket, or how as we managed to put one sock on the other was in the process of being pulled off. What about the cold legs? When you carry or baby wear a little person their trousers end up somewhere behind their knee making for very cold little legs. Slugs & Snails tights eliminate all these problems which make warm, happy people.

Read Lily's Real Kid Review

"I always say, "Can I wear my Slugs and Snails?" And my Mom and Dad say, "OK!" They are really ok to wear, and they are not pants! You can dance in them, all day long, and you can climb in them, really high because you can just move like you have no pants on. Sometimes you can't climb in pants really well. You just can't. But if you want, you can wear your Slugs and Snails with shorts, or a skirt. Or a dress. Or just with nothin'. Like pants, but not like pants."

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