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Founded in Denmark in 1999, Maileg was designed with the mission to help children explore the pure and simple wonder of imagination. They produce beautifully designed felt whimsical characters, handmade clothing, modern furniture, and nostalgic accessories with distinctive charm and personality.


Pronounced "my-lye" the name Maileg comes founder's Dorthe and Erik Mailil's last name combined with "leg," the Danish word for play. Dorthe Mailil's hand designed toys full of storybook whimsy and meticulous attention to detail have won Dorthe and Maileg numerous awards and honors, as well as the hearts of children and families worldwide.


The Maileg collection includes a delightful range of soft toy bunnies, rabbits, mice and more. Designed to be treasured and passed down, these charming children's toys are a delightful addition to any playroom. Our own children carry them about to and fro, tuck them in next to their beds, and play together with them in dollhouses, cardboard boxes, and makeshift boats.

Along with a large and ever changing selection of characters, Maileg offers an extensive range of clothing and accessories in different sizes to match each toy size.

In this guide, read about the highlights of the Maileg range, including rabbits, bunnies, mice, and furniture. You'll be sure to discover something new!

maileg mice in scooter with sidecar


The Maileg mice are a favorite tiny toy range by this Danish brand. They are easily recognized by their sweet hand sewn clothing, and their impish grins: with their long nose and small, round ears, these magical mice are known to steal hearts worldwide. They fit perfectly in the front pocket over overalls or in a tiny purse, and they love to keep children company during quite events - but be mindful, they can get up to some ragtag adventures too!

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You can buy 4 different sizes of mailegs mice, they are in the following sizes:

maileg mice size guide for furniture and clothing




Maileg offers a wide range of sweet, vintage style furniture full of all the charm and detail that will enchant children of all ages. Add to a playhouse or stage on a table top or cabinet, and you can quickly build a world as intricate as you can imagine. The Maileg furniture collection includes everything from tents and sleeping bags, to beds, wardrobes and chests, kitchen and cooking supplies, washing supplies, push carts, motorcarts, and tiny decor. Maileg furniture is full of charm with details like vintage fabric, distressed paint, and smoothly rolling wheels.

Like the clothing, Maileg furniture should be chosen to suit the size of your Maileg collection. Most of the pieces are made to suit the micro and mini bunnies and rabbits and are designed to be placed in a dollhouse. We are happy to see the mouse furniture collection is growing and we will add it as it becomes available, so that you can always find more delightful playthings and Maileg pieces at! 

Maileg Mice Sized Furniture:
Big brother, Big Sister, Mum and Dad, and Grandparent mice can fit into Micro furniture. 
Baby Mice can fit into the My Collection furniture.


For the go-everywhere adventurer and eclectic playroom, and for life long adventures: Maileg Mice - The best travelers, mice are the ambassadors of Maileg and appeal to every age group. They are for everyone!
For the doll house lovers and world builders, and for life long friendships: Bunnies and Rabbits - An original and long standing friend, the Bunnies and Rabbits hold a very special place in Maileg world! Their attitude is confident and comforting. Making a friend from this collection will surely bring a smile to any child's face and will be their friend forever.

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