Hazelwood Outdoor Kindergarten

hazelwood outdoor preschool gear recommendation photo of children at forest play and gear outline

The following gear is recommended by Hazelwood Outdoor Kindergarten to help your child make the most of their outdoor experience. You won't need every item, but these recommendations will provide options for each necessary layer. Hazelwood Outdoor Kindergarten requires a waterproof outer suit and wool base layers for each child.

What gear will my child need? 
Waterproof, windproof outerwear that can be used in varied weather and layered for warmth when necessary; insulating thermal or fleece; and warm, moisture wicking wool as a base layer (because it maintains a stable body temperature, wool base layers are good for warm weather too!) We love our classic rain suits for muddy adventures and dry day adventures alike!

Don't forget:
Waterproof, fleece lined mittens and accessories like hats, balaclavas, and wool socks.

Worry free support:
Because lots of gear ordering is taking place at this time, we do sell out, but we are always restocking. Just contact us for easy, personalized help.

How do I know what size I need?
Sizing by centimeters helps ensure an excellent fit - just measure your child's standing height, head to toe. We recommend children be within 5cm of the next size before sizing up: a child should measure at least 95cm tall to wear a size 100cm suit. In our 2 piece suits, thin to average size children will last even longer. You can see how our kids fit here. 
Please do not order large with the intention of your child growing into their suit, as baggy pants and jacket arms both inhibit play and cause undue wear and tear on the gear. A properly fitted suit will last a long time!

During school order season please allow extra time for shipping. All in stock school orders will ship directly to your school leader for distribution. If you'd like your items shipped directly to you, you must choose PRIORITY shipping at checkout.

Ask your school administrator if you are participating in the Biddle&Bop school program! 

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