Zip Mitts - Winter Mittens (Women's Sizing)

$ 48.00

These women’s running mittens have everything you need to keep up with kids outdoors and enjoy the winter sports season. Forest school leaders often ask us for a way to keep their own hands warm while not losing the oft-needed dexterity to help kids with gloves, zippers, or snacks, or to pickup a phone or camera...

Despite the fact mittens tend to be warmer, many people prefer gloves to avoid loss of dexterity when wearing a mitten. These cozy winter mittens do away with that concern. These mitts have a zipper on the back of the hand. This innovative feature allows you to unzip and free your fingers without taking your cozy mittens off, making it easy to get back to play and stay warm! 

With Primaloft insulation, these are warm mittens you will love. They can be used as running mittens, hiking mittens or out on the slopes as ski mittens. TrailHeads recommend these women’s mitts for temperatures 10F+, but reviewers say they are very warm and we agree - plus you can easily throw in a heat back for your fingers if desired.

These thick mittens for women also incorporate recycled materials for a lighter impact on the planet. The mitten shell is 92% recycled polyester and the Primaloft insulation is 70% recycled polyester.

Women's sizing.