Magic School Memory and Cooperation Playing Card Game

$ 9.99
Brand Djeco

A cooperative memory game set in a magical universe. To pass Magic School, players need to join forces and match each character to the correct magical item. Cards are drawn one by one, and placed either face-down on the table, or face-up on top of another card if the players think they make a pair. When all the cards have been placed down, players check to see how many pairs were matched. If 10 or more pairs were matched, all the players win the game!

• Cooperative memory game.
• A cooperative game to teach players to win or lose together.
• Illustrations of charming magical characters!
• Compact, easily portable box.
• Durable, high-quality cards.
• Award-winning game in Germany - recommended by the Kinderspiel des Jahres 2020 awards.

Contents: 32 cards. Game rules in 10 languages.

Recommended for ages 5-99 years
Number of players: 1-6
Average Game Time: 10 min

Design by: Olivier Latyk