The Gear Revolution and Why it Matters
In the underground outdoor world, Patagonia has been cleverly nicknamed "Patagucci."
There is a difference to much of the high quality gear but there's also high quality gear without the name. And that's why get so excited over what I do every day through Biddle and Bop. We're sticking it to the old system, because our gear is good - and fairly priced.
It's still an investment for many families and unattainable for many more, but we're closer - and for each child who grows up with access to the outdoors we potentially gain another vote and voice for protecting those resources and making them more and more accessible. A rain suit won't solve our problems right now, but it might help raise humans that will.
And we are going out and gearing up. Bike sales have seen a pandemic increase of over 60% over last year. Campgrounds are sold out and entry-level tents that sat on shelves are now flying out the door. Outdoor gear is the new school uniform.
The more we kids get outdoors now, the more they will still be going outside when it's not a mandate of a 2020 modified education system.
We'll keep the kids warm, dry, and happily at play. And as we grow we will continue to contribute to the accessibility of outdoor play through education, gear donation, funding of outdoor education programs working in underprivileged areas, and the support of programs fighting race inequality in the outdoors like Outdoor Afro and Blackpackers.
We'll get there. Some days it doesn't feel like it, but we will.