*Nov 2019 - Updated with links to general categories as styles change by season.

The very first day we saw snow this season, I wasn't expecting it. It might have been that I had a broken phone and didn't have weather warnings at my finger tips, or maybe because it had been sunny and warm days before, or maybe because I was busy with life.

How is it that it gets so busy? The only saving grace in a busy day is the fact that my kids can and do go outdoors to play. I love that they have the freedom to do so and that they can do so together - often leaving me out of the equation all together. 

Of course, it wasn't always that way, I've had plenty of days where dressing up for outdoor play took longer than the time spent outdoors. The kids know exactly what gear works for them to dress themselves and each other - and that's where we set our standards. Easy.

Moms and Dads and caretakers and school staff like easy. Kids like easy. Easy means more time out and less time in.

Good gear is key.

There's something nostalgic about toddlers so over dressed for winter that they can't move, never mind play - but, if feeling like a tick about to pop is not what you're aiming for this winter - here's some gear that we use and love.

Your toddler will be able to play outdoors, moving free and staying warm and dry, for as along as they care to stay at play - no matter the weather!

18m old 80cm snow play winter gear setup recommendations from Biddle and Bop

1. Merino Wool Pilot Cap | 2. Merino Wool Bodysuit | 3. Geggamoja Wool Sock: Green Stripe | 4. Villervalla Pile Fleece Overall Suit | 5. Fleece Balaclava | 6. Winter Overall Suit | 7. Waterproof Winter Snow Mitten | 8. RealKids Flex Fit Children's Sunglasses

Layer 1-2-3 as a base against the skin: the pilot cap stays on and is nice and thin, perfect for indoors and car rides and babywearing as well as play - and layers well under bigger hats like the fleece balaclava. The wool bodysuit is easy to care for and helps keep little body temperatures regulated and skin dry of moisture, preventing chills which can happen even when overdressed. Wool socks are thin enough to not add bulk to tiny shoes or boots.

Bonus layer with #4 - add this fleece for instant warmth upgrade on really cold days - or just cosy up inside when play is done!

Outer layers and accessories - 5, 6, 7, 8 - easy fleece balaclava covers ears and neck, keeping wind at bay.

The waterproof and seam sealed Villervalla overall snowsuit is insulated and roomy in all the right places to not restrict movement. It's ideal for winter play and our littlest is fond of carrying hers around, demanding to go outside.

Waterproof snow mittens are a must for littles who somehow always find a small puddle, and as with most of our outwear, reflective decals and striping help keep kids safe and visible even in low light.

Wrap it all up with flexible, kid friendly sunglasses to protect growing eyes from the harsh glare of the sun off the snow - this hidden danger is often over looked but easily managed - teach sunglass wear early and always have them available.

Ready set go? Yes! Off to enjoy some snow play and the best of winter outdoors with even the youngest adventurer!