Easy Upcycled DIY Wool Boot Inserts

Easy Upcycled DIY Wool Boot Inserts

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Easy Upcycled DIY Wool Boot Inserts are an easy way to add warmth to your winter footwear!

Heat loss occurs in four ways: convection, conduction, evaporation, and radiation. When you stand on a cold floor with bare feet, you can feel your body getting cold almost instantly! In the same way, in cold weather heat loss occurs even through the soles of our shoes. Frozen ground or ice under foot can make us quite uncomfortable - leading to the feeling of "frozen" toes and a drop in core temperature.

heat loss to be prevented by wool boot inserts

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In cold climates around the world, indigenous people groups have long used fur for warmth. Small rounds of fur skin tucked in the front of a boot provide excellent insulation even through prolonged exposure in frigid temperatures.

You can make your own DIY upcycled wool boot liners very easily and add some warmth to your footwear!

You will need:

  • Wool sweaters or fabric that says "do not machine dry" or "dry clean only"
  • Hot water or a washer/dryer
  • Scissors
  1. Find wool to upcycle. Many people accidentally shrink a wool sweater and save it, hoping someone will know what to do with that fabulous fabric. Ask around, you may find some already "felted" for you! Felting means the wool fabric is tightened and matted tightly, making for a very dense material that can be easily cut. You can also find great wool for upcycling in the sweaters at your local thrift store!
  2. Felt your wool as far as it will go! Most wool blends will not felt, or will do so inconsistently. Super wash wool, which is treated to prevent shrinking, will not felt. If you determine some of your wool won't felt, don't worry - set it aside for other projects: from crafting to clothing, there are many things to do with upcycled wool!
    Felt wool by hand or in a washing machine. Either way, super hot water and lots of agitation is key! Add just a bit of detergent and wash once or twice. You should see the difference in your wool before it even begins to dry.
  3. Once your wool is tightly felted, cut out a small oval or trace your insoles to make your own DIY upcycled wool boot liner and enjoy toasty warm feet!

child on frozen river with DIY wool boot liners for warmth in neoprene boots


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