Woolfy Cooperation Game

$ 39.99
Brand Djeco

Woolfy Cooperation Game

A cooperative game in which players have to help the three little pigs build their brick house before the big band wolf catches them and throws them in the cooking pot! If the three little pigs manage to reach their house safely, all the players win! However, if the wolf manages to catch them all, he wins!

• Winner of the Young Einsteins Award at the Imagination Gaming Awards 2020 (UK).
• A cooperative game where everyone plays together against the wolf.
• Adorable little figurines that are easy to move.
• A game reminiscent of the tale of the Three Little Pigs.

Contents: 1 board, 4 soft plastic pieces (3 little pigs and 1 big bad wolf), 1 soft plastic cooking pot, 3 wooden dice, 1 wooden brick house in 5 sections to build. Game rules in 10 languages.

Recommended for ages 5·10 years
Number of players: 2-4
Average Game Time: 20 min