Slugs and Snails: Trunk

$ 16.99

Slugs&Snails makes a deliciously soft sturdy tight perfect for every little adventurer - they're just right for elephant marches and piggy back rides!

  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • PVC free Anti-slip soles
  • Embroidered logo on back panel
  • Generously sized

Read Lily's Real Kid Review

"I always say, "Can I wear my Slugs and Snails?" And my Mom and Dad say, "OK!" They are really ok to wear, and they are not pants! You can dance in them, all day long, and you can climb in them, really high because you can just move like you have no pants on. Sometimes you can't climb in pants really well. You just can't. But if you want, you can wear your Slugs and Snails with shorts, or a skirt. Or a dress. Or just with nothin'. Like pants, but not like pants."

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