Totem Zen Speed Skill Building Game

$ 29.99
Brand Djeco

A game of skill and speed. First players must hurry to grab the right beads using chopsticks, then, keeping their cool, they must carefully try and be the first to erect their tower, without knocking it over!

• Dexterity essential.
• The fast-paced nature of the game requires players to concentrate in order to keep their tower standing.
• The chopstick holders are practical for handling the chopsticks.

Contents: 4 boards, 26 cards, 4 pairs of chopsticks, 64 wooden beads, and 4 plastic chopstick holders. Game rules in 10 languages.

Recommended for ages 6·99 years
Number of players: 2-4
Average Game Time: 15 min

Design by: Smahane Girardet