PolePole Kangaroo

$ 18.00
Brand T-Lab

Indonesian craftsman make each piece by hand, turning light weight wood into animals and figures. When you hold them, you will feel a sense of warmth from the care that has made them into adorable decor - perfect for your playroom shelves or bookcase decor.

Slowly, slowly, each figure is sanded smooth with careful attention to detail. Hand sanding makes each piece smooth and beautiful without the need for any finishing varnish. PolePole means "slowly" in Swahili.

T-lab products are hand made products in Indonesia of a natural wood named Albizia Falcata in Bari. Falcate wood is used as Japanese Kiri (Paulownia) for 
many furniture and boxes in Japan.

We have Japanese material approval for black color ink from charcoal
and It’s Japanese certificate means not harmful for body if 
eat black charcoal ink from T-lab products.

Small Parts Warning: T-Lab animals are decor and should be treated with care.

Cosmetic Imperfections: T-Lab animals and figures are hand carved and as such show the natural grain and imperfection of each piece of wood. Natural stain and coloring are designed to allow the woodgrain and imperfections to show. 

size : 5.8 / 3 / 8.5H (cm)