Muck Shoes: Purple

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Handmade from durable, water resistant duck cloth and upcycled soles*; these play ready minimalist 'muckshoes' are lined with moisture-wicking boiled wool, meaning they're super comfy even when it gets damp from puddles! 

*This batch of muck shoes features slightly thicker, but still very flexible soles made from motorcycle tubes instead of bike tubes

After playing, muddy shoes can be rinsed with cool water and left to dry in the sun - or machine wash on cold. 

Why minimalist shoes? An open toe box and super flexible sole with no height to it means kids are as close to barefoot as possible - giving their body the ability to climb, run, and play in response to their movements. Minimalist shoes support proper development of the whole body.

These muckshoes have exposed seams inside. Lining color may vary. No returns on worn footwear. We do not replace or warranty shoes for wear and tear.
MuckShoes outdoor booties by BulaJeansBoutique for Biddle and Bop.

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