Merino Interlock Long Johns (just a few left!)

$ 40.00
Brand Janus

Itch free merino wool interlock leggings from Norway. These long john bottoms (or "longies") are great for much of the year - wear them right under your lightweight rain gear or as a base layer under thermal or fleece pants on cold days. Embrace adventure no matter the weather!
Wool is also great for bedtime as it helps regulate body temperature - kids sleep better in wool! These long johns feature enclosed no-roll elastic at the top to keep long johns in place even on thin waists, but with plenty of stretch to fit with comfort. Don't miss the matching tops and more!

For the most accurate fit, measure your child's standing height. All measurements are in centimeters, and will fit at least a -5/+5 range - so size 100 will fit at least from 95-105cm.

We recommend gentle hand wash and line dry on all woolies for longest life. Wash only when necessary with wool wash or Dr. Bronners liquid soap (just a bit is needed). No returns on wool base layers as they are considered undergarments. Thank you for understanding!

Sensory Check List: 
*Tag on seam in seat not at waist band,
*no exposed elastic.
(Our sensory check lists are provided to help sensory kids and those with SPDs find clothing that works for them. For more info, go here.)