Let's Roll Play Stones: Number Frames

$ 19.95

Children will love using these ingenious rollers to create tactile images in play dough, clay or sand, providing lots of opportunity to explore and engage with number in a playful way. Ideal to create 1–5 or 1–10 frames for simple counting, or to make attractive scenes that can roll on and on!

How many ladybugs are climbing the beanstalk? Have any flown away? Is the train full? How many seats are left? As they roll and stamp, children will be encouraged to ask questions and extend their math vocabulary.

The set includes 6 versatile designs: two traditional number grids; two vertical frames – a beanstalk and stepping stones; and two horizontal frames – bird boxes and train carriages.  

Made from our durable stone mix,
Each set contains six rollers measuring 2¾ x 1⅜”
Easy to clean.
Safe for age 2+.


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