Let's Investigate: Farmyard Footprints

$ 28.00

There are always plenty of animals to see down on the farm, but sometimes you need to follow their footprints to find them.

Each double-sided stone has the raised footprint of an animal on one side and an image of the animal indented into the other side.

Press the footprint into sand, mud or soil and create a trail for children to follow. What animal might they find at the end: cow, horse, sheep, pig, dog, cat, chicken or duck?

When they find the animals, how might they sort them?

This fantastic STEM resource contains eight double-sided stones (3’’ approx.).

Correlation to Common Core: SL.K.1.

Correlation to ECERS-R: Language-Reasoning – 16, 17; Activities – 19, 23, 25.

Correlation to ITERS-R: Listening and Talking – 12, Activities – 15, 22

Ages 2+ use only with supervision.

Durable OutdoorsMade with Stone