Eperfa Float Spinning Top Set

$ 24.00
Brand Eperfa

Spin spin spin! Did you know that floats can be used as spin tops, as well? You didn’t? Have a try. Which one can spin the longest? And which one does the funniest spinning?

To give them a good send off, start by spinning them between your palms.

Recommended age: 5+
Set of 3 
Height of the pieces approx. 8 cm
Material: hornbeam wood, responsible forestry from Duna-Ipoly National Park of Hungary
Made in Hungary, EU


All items are handmade and may be made from a different piece of wood. Yours may not look exactly like the photo, but they will be very close.

The toy is not suitable for children under 3 years.

Eperfa would like you to be happy with and to enjoy their toys for a long time. Please consider that this set contains wooden items that might need to be handled with a level of care.