Hot and Cold Pack: Tiger

$ 30.50

Tiger hot water bottle; for all the little sores of everyday life.

Need a comforting cocooning moment? The Tiger hot water bottle will take you on a journey into a bubble of well-being.

Heat in the oven or in the microwave to warm it up, and the cherry stones inside will capture the heat and diffuse it gently. The Tiger dry hot water bottle can also be frozen as a cold compress.

Ideal for the whole family, to relieve learning to walk and jump, for older children and their first fall from a bike, or even parents for a moment of slow life relaxation.

Practical and kid friendly, the Tiger hot water bottle is delivered in a pretty organic cotton pouch to keep it safely with its instructions at home.

The organic fabrics are carefully selected, without harmful substances, to guarantee all the necessary comfort.

As a little extra, the Tiger hot water bottle is customizable! A first name, a sweet word, let your creativity speak to make your little heating pad unique for its little owner. 

WARNING ! The hot water bottle requires special attention in its use, especially for use in the microwave. To heat the cushion in the microwave, it is essential to respect the heating times mentioned on the label of the cushion. To prevent hot spots and burns, the microwave turn table must turn during the heating time of the product. Do not use the product if you notice the slightest defect and if the microwave is not equipped with a turntable. If these instructions are not followed, the cushion may ignite.

Characteristics :

  • Cotton canvas with exclusive pattern and GOTS guarantee
  • 100% plain organic cotton sponge GOTS certified
  • Cherry pit filling
  • Machine washable at 30°C
  • Size: 18cm X 18cm approx.
  • CE standard
  • Delivered in a nice gift box
  • With its Carotte & Cie screen-printed organic cotton pouch
  • Explanatory paper leaflet – Follow the instructions carefully before use

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