Sworld Mercury Pearl - Rheoscopic Ball

$ 18.00

Our Division of Planet Reducing employed the Shrink-o-Meter on a local planet to create this wonderful rheoscopic toy. Rheoscopic, what? Rheoscopic fluid is a special material that shows currents. Within this planet's crust you will see fluid mechanics in action at rest and in motion. 

SWOLRD's shell is strong and resilient like you, so you can bounce it. Give it a shake and watch a bazillion microscopic shimmering particles flow. After the turbulence the SWORLD will calm and the particles will settle. Welcome to science class: this is fluid dynamics and it's awesome. 

This ball has it all--play, mindfulness, fidget, and scientific curiosity!

  • BOUNCE: Strong and resilient like you
  • SHAKE: Play with fluid dynamics
  • TWIRL: See this world come alive
  • CALM: Take a breath, settle your particles
  • Note: Please keep out of direct sun and away from heat
  • Made in Taiwan

Ages 6+