Discovery Sticker Poster: Insects

$ 24.00

Unfold the large poster and stick the most famous bugs, beetles, and flying creatures ... A numbered code makes it easy to recognize the correct location of each insect. 

Before sticking each animal, they must observe, compare, identify, which allows them to memorize information. 

When you're all done, you'll have a beautiful poster for any room!

Poppik kits encourages concentration, fine motor skills, pattern recognition, and creativity. Work solo or in a group!

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  • Ages: 6 to 12 years
  • Materials: Paper, non-toxic adhesive on reposition-able stickers
  • Designer: Owen Davey
  • Dimensions: 1 poster, 27in x 39.5in (68cm x 100cm); 44 stickers
  • Origin: Designed in France, produced in Spain
  • Safety: Conforms to CE Safety Regulations; phthalate-free