Mr. and Mrs. Tin Collectible Vintage Robot: GearBot

$ 40.00

Electro Bot makes sure that electricity keeps flowing and your toaster doesn’t refrigerate or your refrigerator doesn’t toast!

Every robot is limited to 2000 pieces worldwide.

Mr. & Mrs. Tin's goal is to make the vintage Tin Toy trendy and attractive again, create something unique - with love, passion, and dedication - and a lot of retro fun. Wind them up and let them wobble forward, just like those popular in the 50s and 60s.

All Mr. & Mrs. Tin toys are robustly tested against worldwide major toy regulations and safe for 3 years+ children and adults too. (We recommend these for gentle, supervised play.)

All Mr. & Mrs. Tin robots come with an envelope including the key and a special thank you note. The serial number certificate is included in the product box.

Approximately 6" tall.