Thumb Piano 12 Key in Zebrawood

$ 59.00

12-Key Zebrawood Thumb Piano is an exotic wood, unique for its dramatic zebra-like striped appearance. It is as beautiful as it is unique!

Originating from Western Africa, Zebrawood is a dense, hard wood with a moderately coarse texture, often with a wavy grain.

By preserving the 12-Key Zebrawoods natural beauty it enhances the warm rich colors, creating a piece of musical art.

The 12-Key follow by number system makes this instrument easy to learn for all ages.

The thumb piano is simple to play and has an appealing marimba-like sound. Accurately tuned with an accompanying songbook, it allows adults and children alike to explore music for themselves in new ways.

Weight: 16 oz. Dimension: 0.583" × 0.417" × 0.250".

Made in the USA in the Blue Ridge Mountains by Mountain Melodies