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Northern New Jersey is home to black bears, the Appalachian trail, and apple farms... and plenty of parents with small children, just like mom Nicole. She's usually spotted around town with big kids in tow and recently, with her brand new baby on front... but you won't believe what you'll see next...

This Mom of four is able to breastfeed her seven week-old infant while wearing the baby in a Tula Baby soft structured carrier (shown here from BiddleandBop.com) and you wouldn't even notice! Mom Nicole warns that parents should never cover up a newborn's face when breastfeeding, even if they're feeling a bit awkward. A good carrier, like the new Tula Free To Grow shown here, provides a safe and comfortable spot for baby to easily feed by breast or bottle she claims - without suffocation risk, a real danger if the baby's face is fully surrounded by a fabric hood. But folks who passed on the street say they weren't even aware that Nicole was nursing the baby. "I'm just drawn to those cute feet sticking out," said Marla*, age 72. "That's a good momma right there." And it doesn't stop there... 
Check out what Marla saw next after the break - scroll down to continue!

Back on the playground near her home in Northern New Jersey, we met Nicole with her newborn still strapped to her front in what she calls an "ergonomic carrier" - a cuddly snug little fabric pocket that makes her look part kangaroo and fully adorable despite the real life tired fog of motherhood. But then she turns around. . . and there is another baby strapped to her back! Wearing two Tula Free-To-Grow carriers, Nicole is "tandem wearing" two babies - her own not-yet two month old baby and a friend's twelve month old on her back. She says it's very comfortable and we have to admit, both babies look absolutely at ease, the borrowed rent-a-kid happily playing away with Nicole's baltic amber necklace and smiling happily.

Tandem wearing is a practice that moms to multiple children often turn to - especially when their children are close in age. "It just works," says Nicole. Wearing two happy babies and effortlessly minding a handful of older children spread across the playground, Nicole is the perfect spokesperson. 
The process is simple: two Tula Free-To-Grow carriers layered one a top the other, both babies adjusted comfortably snug and high. "Get help the first time," Nicole says, "but it's easy. Really comfy."

What do you say? Give the new Tula Free to Grow a try - find yours here.

*We made up Marla. But we're pretty sure that's what she would have said.
**This post is satire. But our babywearing love is real. Get your Tula on. #tulalove

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