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Hot Weather and Water Friendly Baby Carriers

Hitting up the beach or spending time at the pool, warm weather playground days or hiking in the summer heat - no matter why you're out there, you want to stay cool. Take a quick look at our top baby carriers and toddler carriers for babywearing in the heat - and some that double for water use too!

Reviewed here:
Tula Coast Standard  Beco Gemini Cool ☀ Beco Toddler Cool ☀ Buboose Aqua  bitybean

Model stats:
☀ Hazel: 3 months, 15lbs, 24.5''
☀ Thea: 3.5 years, 34lbs, 39'', 4T clothing
☀ Lily: 6.5 years, 45lbs, 47'', 6/7 clothing
Lily and Thea both wearing our organic cotton yoga animals tees found here.
Hazel sporting the super soft Save Our Species long sleeve organic cotton bodysuit found here.

1. Tula Coast. Available in Standard and Toddler sizes, the Toddler production seems to be low and we - like many retailers - have yet to get our hands on those. No worries, because these seem to run a bit big - and while 3month old Hazel won't fit without the Tula Infant Insert (which would make a cool carrier mighty stuffy), this "standard" carrier is still a good fit on 3.5 year old Thea.
The mesh back is certainly cooler than the typical canvas, and as always, it's easy to use and great for adjusting to various sizes wearers and wear-ees. The canvas is not made for water use, so count this one out or plan on a long hang-dry time. Tula's cult following won't guide you wrong here - the Tula Coast like their other carriers is good looking and easy to work with, and now extra breathable! See stats and get yours here.

2. Beco Cool. Available in Gemini and Toddler - a perfect combo for our family, with 3 month old Hazel fitting perfectly in the Gemini with room to grow and both older girls at 3.5 and 6.5 fitting well into the Toddler. The Beco Toddlers are big - if your little one isn't wearing 2T pant length at the bare minimum, we strongly recommend going with a smaller carrier. The Gemini, though sometimes thought of as a "baby" carrier actually lasts quite a long time and is a fan favorite for comfort.

Straps on both the Gemini and Toddler are crossable, though we don't use this much if ever in Toddler size as those big kiddos go right on our backs. The buckle locks may get the stink eye from some but we give a big thumbs up to the extra protection. (And psst... with a little know how they can be opened with one hand anyway.) The panel fabric is a space age mesh that feels almost non-existent, and the straps, waist, and sides are smooth nylon fabric which sent most splashes sliding right off. Despite this, the Cool is not designed to go swimming - but we found accidental dry time to be comparatively quick. See stats and get yours here.

3. Buboose Aqua. From the land down under comes this simple looking but creatively genius carrier. The Aqua is made for water play - though of course babies are not, so please read and heed the warnings and use your brain. The quick dry mesh won't weigh you down, and it gives just enough coverage to sit where you want it but not where you don't - I like the top straps over my shoulders more than Eric does, and we were both able to find the sweet spot quickly. Because they're well covered the side ring adjustments can be a bit stiff if you're just trying to tug through - we recommend playing with them while off so you get the hang of it first. Thea, at 3.5 is way too big for this carrier, which tops out at 26lbs, but she's also visibly too tall. Three month old Hazel is a pretty good fit, but her legs don't quite swing freely - so we are certainly not worried about her growing out of it anytime soon. Lightweight, packable, quick drying - and a great fit on various size wearers. See stats and get yours here.

4. bitybean. This revolutionary ultralight carrier has always been at home in our to go bag - and we might just have a second one in the glove box. At this price point and packability, now you can always have a carrier on hand. It's a water pro - quick drying, never rough, and super hands-free secure. Unlike water ringslings that sometimes leave you unsure about going totally hands free, there's no worries here. This mini soft structured carrier packs a full size punch. We found it a great quick-up even with then 2 year old Thea. With no padding, you'll feel the weight much faster, but the trade in seems more than fair. This carrier tops out at 40lbs and it can certainly haul a big kid- we grabbed for our bitybean often with Thea at 2 years old- but we find it most comfortable for the under 2 / under 25lb-ish crowd. You'll need to get used to the different feel where the waist band becomes baby's seat - but after that it's simply strap, click, go. See stats and get yours here.

Recap and added bonuses:

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